Pali is the first Mexican company that elaborates beauty products 100% focused on minerals. It is created by a group of women who are passionate about beauty and skin health. Nature lovers who are aware of the benefits of minerals and are dedicated to accentuate women’s beauty in a healthy and natural way.


Cecilia and Margarita grew up in Monterrey, Mexico. Throughout their lives both sisters demonstrated an interest in beauty and skin care products, particularly those based on natural ingredients. In 2009, Margarita started researching different ingredients to create a natural formula that would benefit her own skin by utilizing minerals. Throughout her research, she was able to develop what is now Pali’s main formula. Excited with her discovery, she decided to share it with her family and closest friends. As she perfected her formula, Cecilia encouraged her to share Pali with the world. Margarita and Cecilia became a team, and together they have commercialized the product and gave us what is known today as Pali.

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Pali’s mission is to market beauty products of the best quality based on 100% mineral materials to make all women feel beautiful.


Pali’s vision is to reach out to all women with our healthy products along their journey in feeling beautiful.


Confidence: Commitment and guarantee of quality in all products, made with the best of what nature can offer us.

Justice: Fair and accessible price without ever neglecting quality.

Excellence: Commitment to always give the best, in order to obtain the best results.

Positive attitude: Gratitude towards mother nature, with the intention that this business is for the good of users, suppliers, and collaborators.

Eco conscience: All the ingredients we use are 100% natural, free from animal cruelty and harm to the environment