Natural ingredients. Pali Mineral cosmetics are 100% pure mineral ingredients.

 No comedogenic. When Applied, mineral cosmetics mix with the natural oils of the skin, instead of forming a layer on it. Meaning that mineral makeup lets the skin breathe. In other words, it does not form a barrier on the skin, preventing the natural secretion of fat, like liquid makeup does, therefore, mineral makeup does not clog the pores, which means that it will not irritate existing acne, on the contrary, it calms it due to the ingredients that help soothe irritated skin.

 Does not irritate the skin. Since mineral makeup does not contain ingredients that can irritate the skin, it is commonly recommended for sensible skins, acne, rosacea or eczema.

 Cosmetics made of 100% pure minerals are recommended by dermatologists and plastics surgeons to use after a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, laser and plastic surgery, because of its non-risk of inflammation or allergic reaction properties.

 Protects skin. It keeps the skin protected from UV rays, free radicals and wind, while helping to keep moisture in the skin at an optimal level.

It’s inorganic. It does not contaminate with bacteria, fungi, or mold. They do not have an expiration date, and once opened, it can last indefinitely without risk of contamination.

Reflects the light. As a natural property, minerals reflect light, since they are micronized. These tiny particles reflect light away from lines of expression lines, wrinkles, redness and pores, giving the skin a luminous and smoother appearance, as they soften the imperfect texture.

They naturally match skin tone, giving it a porcelain effect.

All-natural appearance. When the minerals are in contact with the heat of the skin, they blend with the natural oils, doing this without forming a thick layer over the skin and without accumulating in expression lines or wrinkles.

Skin will look young, clean, fresh and healthy with a natural glow that’s impossible to achieve with another type of makeup.

Durable. Mineral makeup will last all day, until you remove it. If you sweat, or have oily skin, just remove the excess by pressing gently without scrubbing with a tissue or blotter, and the makeup will remain intact.

Protects from the sun. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are natural sunscreens, they provide our mineral makeup up to 15% of UVA / UVB protection.

We recommend using mineral makeup as a complement to sunscreen, to get a greater protection.

Versatile. Mineral cosmetics can be used in different ways. Eyeshadows can become eyeliners if you apply it with a damp brush. You can also put shadow on your lips to give them color, applying a lip balm first and then a little shadow or blush with either your finger or a brush.

Some blushes and bronzers can turn into eye shadows, or a blush can be your bronzer, or vice versa, depending on skin tone, time of year, etc.

You can use translucent powder instead of makeup for a natural look.

Any mineral makeup can be used all over the face, its adaptability lets you combine two or more tones to obtain the color that you desire.

If you applied too much blush, you can apply some makeup on the cheeks to lower the tone or apply translucent powder. All the makeup can be mixed without any problem.

Easy to use. Anyone can become their own makeup artist with mineral cosmetics. You just need to have your kit, and in 5 minutes you can apply your makeup and be ready. With dashing results, looking beautiful, skin will look radiant, makeup will last the entire event, even if you sweat, or have oily skin, you only need to remove excess sweat and or excessive oils, and you're done. And the best part is that all of this will be without having to go to a professional to makeup artist.

It does not harm the environment. Since the makeup is made with 100% natural materials that come from the earth, free of chemicals or artificial preservatives, our products do not harm the environment.

Not tested on animals. Our makeup is completely natural and is not tested on animals, because we believe in beauty without cruelty. Our products are 100% vegan.