Step 1. Prepare your skin. Makeup should be applied on clean moisturized skin.

Step 2. Correct what you have to correct.

We all have areas that need a little extra help. That being, dark circles under the eyes, blackheads, sun spots, red veins, etc. Whatever it may be, apply the concealer in those areas, allowing it to blend well with your skin.

Tip: If you have a very dark spot on your skin, apply it with a brush slightly moistened with water, this will give you better coverage.

Step 3. Swirl.

Empty a small amount of minerals in the makeup cap. Swirl your brush in the minerals for 10-15, This frition will generate heat creating tha famous creamy feel.

Step 4. Tap.

Tapping your brush on the edge of the lid prevents you from applying too much and from wasting product.

Step 5. Blend

Applying with a circular motion warms the minerals and mixes them with your natural oil and hydration in your skin. As the minerals warm, they expand, which is why the same amount of product will create fuller coverage if you just keep buffing. Makeup should be applied in light layers. If you think that you need more coverage, continue applying in light layers.

Remember that less is more when it comes to mineral makeup.

Tip: This is the time to apply a little more concealer under your eyes or in a spot if it’s needed.

Step 6. Tanned effect.

If you want to look healthy or like you just returned from a beach vacation, put on a little bronzer. Remember, for a super natural look start by applying small amounts of makeup, you can always add more if you need.

Step 7. Apply color.

Apply a little blush on the cheeks for a fresh and radiant look

Step 8. Translucent powder.

If you have oily skin, We recommend applying translucent powder before and after makeup, making a sandwich effect, powder-makeup-powder. This will help you absorb facial oil, givin you a perfect matte finish. Start at the central part of the face, because that's where the skin tends to be brighter.

Tip: Use the translucent powder to touch up every time you need. First remove excess grease with blotting paper, then apply the powder. You can do this as many times as you want because the mineral powder is very light and will not accumulate on the skin.

Step 9. Protect your skin.

The final and most important step is to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. For this we recommend using our sunscreen powder, which you can allways re-apply several times during the day to be protected at all times, it has a barely there feel, you will forget you’re using it!