Brushes are a necessary part of our beauty routine, but if we do not take proper care of them, they can become our worst enemy. Dirty brushes, besides applying makeup on our face, will be depositing germs and bacteria.

It is very important to keep brushes clean if we want the makeup to be nice. A dirty brush, with the bristles impregnated with old makeup, will not work well, and won’t make a uniform coverage on your face, besides, you can get infected. Even if mineral cosmetics are inert and do not contaminate with bacteria, brushes can contaminate themselves, as they are filled with facial oils, dead skin cells, and makeup renmants. In addition, we leave them on the sink, sometimes they fall to the floor and get dirty very easily.

A clean brush means a clean face!

It is recommended to wash the brushes at least once a month, preferably every 15 days if you apply makeup every day. But if you have acne, or use medicines on your skin, you have to wash them every week.

You can use any mild shampoo to clean your brushes, make sure it is not a 2 in one shampoo. Baby shampoo is an excellent choice.

Put the brush in warm water stream so that the bristles get wet. Make sure that the bristles are facing down, to avoid getting water inside the brush handle and detach the rubber with which the bristles are attached. Never submerge the entire brush in water.

Put a small amount of shampoo on the palm of your hand and turn the brush over it so that it is impregnated in the bristles. Carve the bristles with your fingers and then proceed to rinse it by putting it back in the water jet until it comes out clean.

Make sure the center of the brush is well rinsed, not just the edges. Do not forget to put it down when you go to the water.

Careful! Dense brushes like Kabuki, for example, usually require several rinses.

Squeeze the excess water from the brush with your hands, pressing the bristles gently, without twisting them, so they do not break or deform. With an absorbent paper towel wrap the bristles and re-tighten. In this way the water from the brush goes to the napkin, leaving it almost completely dry. Leave the brushes lying down trying not to change the original shape of the bristles. I recommend leaving them to dry in a ventilated place.

Take into account that it may take a day to dry.

Brushes are personal, they are like toothbrushes. Never lend your brushes, or use someone else's. Take care of your skin Remember, clean brushes = clean complexion!