Eyebrows are your face’s most important feature. They act as a frame for the eye and highlight your natural beauty.

  • Tips to achieve beautiful and natural eyebrows:

  • Powder eyeliner gives the eyebrow a softer and more natural look. This is normally difficult to obtain with pencils or ointments that can be heavier and leave stronger lines.

  • Use products that are a lighter shade than your hair color. This gives a more natural look and helps soften the lines of your face.

  • Putting a touch of highlither under the arch of the eyebrow is an easy way to lift the eye area.

  • Apply the eyeliner only where needed. Avoid covering the entire eyebrow, making sure it does not look too heavy.

  • When you finish applying the product, brush the eyebrow to soften the very marked strokes.

  • Remember the eyebrows should frame the face gently.